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May 20, 2019
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Ghayas Jabran
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Mar 26, 2019
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PAyPal Account Scam , Money Scam
He just scammed my PayPal account worth of $1000+.
It was limited 6 months ago and today, 6 months has passed, so I decided to withdraw the amount which was on hold.

He offered me to help login in my account to change security questions so I could reset the password, as it was asking for mobile verification, which I didn't have. (Only had email).

But now he has changed password, security questions, added another user to access account, and also linked his card/bank to withdraw the amount.

I am a cool headed person, so won't rant about it, as it was my fault too to trust anyone without any proof.
But I am posting this for other's sake to beware of this guy and don't even consider going to him for any kind of deal or help.

So, add him in your scammers list, and protect yourself from confirmed scam/fraud.

I also request the admin of this group to kick and block him from the group. If you need proof for that purpose, kindly tell me to send in PM, I'll do that.